Exam Preparation

Kenilworth offers Exam Preparation courses for FCE, CAE and IELTS over the course of the academic year. These exams are recognized by universities, employers and educational authorities in many countries as evidence of a high standard of spoken and written English. More and more students and institutions are using external, world recognised examinations as a way of focusing their English language studies and obtaining useful qualifications.
Our courses are designed to help students master the specific techniques and skills required for success in these examinations. Students will receive individualised advice concerning which areas of their English they need to concentrate on to be successful in the exam, and teachers will also provide guidance on additional self-study.
The chosen exam course can be combined with General English study or can be studied as a stand-alone course.
Kenilworth Language Institute has a consistently high rate of success with its exam students.

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About Us

Kenilworth Language Institute was founded in 1996. Our mission is to provide high-quality English courses in a friendly welcoming environment. We are responsive to each individual and wish to be there as a support during our students’ time here in Ireland and afterwards. We always strive to recruit the best teachers and we believe that a motivated, committed staff is the best resource for students and for the success of our school.

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