Staying with an Irish family a very rewarding experience as it offers a unique insight into Irish culture and provides the perfect opportunity to improve their English. Staying with a Host Family is excellent for developing communication skills. You have the chance every day to use English in real, natural situations outside the classroom.

Ireland has always been famous for its hospitality, so staying with a host family is one of the best ways to experience this first hand. Your choice of accommodation is a very important part of the study experience.

Students largely benefit from staying with an Irish family as they have the opportunity to converse and encounter new cultural experiences in a natural and warm environment, with breakfast and an evening meal from Monday to Friday, and lunch on the weekend. You will be welcomed into someone’s home and cared for as one of the family, and will be exposed to language and culture through conversation and interaction, television, radio, newspapers and magazines.

All of our families are carefully selected and live by a direct bus route to the school, providing practical assistance when needed, with privacy and security.